Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wildest patterns

Here's a small quilt I found a while back. It seemed quite insane but interesting too. The wildly patterned fabrics compete madly for your attention!

It measures 33" x 42". It's machine pieced and tied with embroidery thread. The backing is brought from the front to bind it. There are 6 blocks with a full pattern (one I could NOT find in the Encyclopedia), then a few partial blocks and a few rectangles. It's randomness, for sure.

As I photographed it, it occurred to me that we have wonderfully wildly patterned fabrics to work with again today, thank goodness. Look at this little pile of Kaffe Fassette fat quarters - they have the same gusto as the fabrics in this wild quilt.


  1. What a 'wild' top!! Reminds me of when Bonnie Hunter ( and Tonya did a 'fungly' challenge a while back using fun and ugly fabrics together :)

  2. This was a quilter after my own heart! I love it!

  3. love it - that is a fabulous happy quilt!