Friday, April 9, 2010

Postcard Friday

From time to time, you've just got to make some postcards, don't you think?

Here are a few I just made for our guild exchange. The theme was Kansas. On the back, I wrote that famous quote uttered by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz:
"There's no place like home, there's no place like home....."

My friend Kathe Dougherty shared a great idea for these. She stitched a card directly onto cardstock. I tried it and liked it. I used old Christmas cards. The colorful designs on those showed through cotton so I used decorator fabric samples to cover them. The heavier fabric worked well and made them even sturdier. Then I appliqued the little houses on them.

Kathe just returned from a retreat where she carried on the "no scrap too small" theme, making these postcards from everyone's scraps. Aren't they great?


  1. What a good idea- sewing onto the cardstock! ( sound of hand hitting head) It's the who interfacing melting or gluing thing that keeps me from making postcards. Now I have no excuse!

  2. Whilst browsing the web, I followed a link, then a link, then I happened upon you blog. WOW - what an interesting site. Thanks for sharing all the great vintage quilts, thrifty sewing ideas, etc. Will definately visit again :)

  3. So inspired I actually made one card. I bought some blank (I thought) cards and envelopes. Turns out they were blank wedding announcements, not an item I need. Moving forward, Lee Ann tells me that she buys boxes of cards at Goodwill. I'm currently on leave from Goodwill, a sort of 12-step program caused by not being able to get any more into my small house. Wonder how long that will last.

  4. These postcards are fabulous and like the idea of stitching onto cardstock. Great recycling and saves all the faffing around with interfacing etc. Brilliant!

  5. Wow! These are all wonderful! I also use the sew-directly-onto-the-card method. Good way to use an old needle.

  6. your cards are like stepping into a gallery of contempory art, very cool.