Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ghosts of Christmas past

Our family Christmas celebration was delayed this year because we were snowed in. The snow plows finally got here the day after Christmas so everyone came over and celebrated, then celebrated again today.

Here are some Christmas past pictures from the family album.

This picture is inscribed Preparing Xmas dinner. That is my Grandma Anna Gehlbach in 1954.

A candid shot of Grandpa and Grandma Gehlbach surveying the gifts under the tree in 1954.

 My cousins in 1955. It looks like Philip is holding a puppy.

Our family in 1963. Note the tree on the table -  away from baby Gregg.


  1. LOve the old photos....we must be the same age...we had the aluminum tree, very similar the boy's cowboy boots!

    Sounds like you are enjoying the snow which is what one is supposed to do when "gifted" with it!

  2. I love the old photos too. And I am glad we are done with tinsel, can you remember carefully hanging it on the tree?

  3. Cousin Deb: Thanks for posting the old photos of Gramdma and Grandpa. I about started crying when I saw them! Donna