Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Plaid Blocks

This quilt is the polar opposite of our scraps too small to save experiment.

It's big blocks stitched together in rows. Very basic, kinda fun. With a big honking piece of yardage taking up one total end. It's sturdy. You can imagine someone thinking this could take rough use.

It measures 58" x 77". The fabrics are cottons, old clothing scraps OR used clothing. Note the detail shot, that is a pocket (stitched closed). The quilt is machine quilted in simple horizontal rows about 5-6" apart. The fabric is all turned to the back and it is bound there. I found it at the wonderful antique store at Scranton, Kansas (next door is a restaurant that serves fried chicken dinners).

This quilt has a surprise waiting for us. I was sewing a sleeve on the back the other day so I could hang it to photograph. I was at stitch group listening to a story and as I gazed at the quilt, I noticed rows of diagonal hand quilting on the back.

WAIT A MINUTE. Those don't show up on the front so you know what that means. There is an old quilt inside. I will take this quilt down today and start opening seams so we can find out what is inside. There is always hope that some life-altering kind of moment awaits, when we find the holy grail of quilts inside. Most likely it is a worn out old quilt.

We will see.....


  1. Darn! I just cleaned up my sewing area and had a tonne of scrap fabric left over that I put into a green garbage bag! Now I see what you've done, the pot holders the quilt and I'm sorry I came here! I gotta rethink throwing my little scraps out....Darn you!
    Love you quilt, love the blog, Darn it!

  2. This is gorgeous. Looking at these quilts is helping me loosen up. Can't wait to see what's inside!