Thursday, January 21, 2010

(Could there be?) Scraps Too Small to Save

I am of the opinion that there are few scraps too small to save. As evidence, I present Exhibit A (right). Please note the dime - it is there to prove the little pieces you see really do measure ~1/4" square. I will either save this piece and combine it with others to make a larger small quilt OR turn it into a coaster (they make great gifts).

I keep a basket of scraps by my sewing machine. Whenever I come to the end of a row of stitching, I stitch together scraps.

There are several reasons to do this:
1. It doesn't waste thread.
2. It is thrifty.
3. It provides endless entertainment as you play with ways to put the scraps together.

SO it is rare that I throw away scraps. And I note other quilters have this same tendency. Some of these improvisational quilts I collect are at their most interesting when someone slips in an extremely small scrap.

So I pose that question to you - what do you do with your smallest scraps?


  1. Wow, that are really small scraps!
    I save most of my scraps, too. From the smallest of them I sew little quilts for my doll´s house. (Three of them you can see on my blog.)
    The more I love a fabric, the harder it is to throw away only one single tiny piece of it.;-)

  2. Steffi, it looks like you used even smaller scraps for the tiny flying geese quilt. It is fantastic!

  3. Oh dear... I'm saving my tiny scraps for you. I'm usually so excited to reduce the clutter that I toss mine with glee. Hope you bring a second suitcase to pt Bonita.

    See you soon. Penny

  4. woo! bring it on!! can't wait to see you....

  5. I give my smallest scraps to my mom. She makes quilts LIMBO-STYLE. Instead of "how low can you go", she plays "how little can you make it". Recently, she made a quilt for a mouse.

  6. I'm going to try to do what you do with your smallest ones. I've been keeping squares as small as 1.5", but anything smaller I've tossed. I won't any more. I often wonder why someone hasn't come up with a way to blend them all together and make new fabric - sort of like you do with crayon chips, or with dough you're cutting for biscuits. What a magical creation that could be!