Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Corduroy Improv

I found this quilt when I was wandering through our local antique mall about 2 years ago. The top is pieced with what we used to call wide-wale corduroy.  There are just a few colors used: 3 shades of blue, 3 shades of rose, and 2 shades of lilac.

The quiltmaker planned this quilt. The middle pieced medallion is surrounded by rows of squares in squares. Scrappy piecing makes an outer border.

The backing is turned to the top on both sides to bind the quilt. One end has a wide whisker guard of that fabric, stitched in place with a lovely decorative stitch (on both the front and back). The bottom is turned pillowcase style, not bound.

This quilt is tied with the same gold thread used to decoratively stitch along the top.

Once again, a few open seams allow me to peek at what is inside. It's a woven blanket.

This quilt measures 61" x 78". It is so heavy I hesitated to hang it up. Would the bar hold on my quilt rack? It did.


  1. Deb, you have such an amazing collection of quilts, who would have thought cordoroy>>

  2. I have never seen a quilt made with corduroy. I can well imagine that it weighs a lot!

  3. thanks for sharing this great quilt!

  4. Fabulous! I love how the straight of grain is ignored. Thanks!

  5. This is made from chenille, the French word for caterpillar, is typically used to describe a type of fabric.