Thursday, January 14, 2010

Double-sided Wonder

I must admit, I cannot recall exactly when I acquired this one. Which is quite odd because it's so stupendous. It must have been on a very good shopping day when I acquired several things.

This side features wonky log cabins, each beginning with a green daisy center. The strips are of varying widths all over - and what cheery fabrics this quilter had in her scrapbag. I'm thinking this is a 50s quilt, based on some of the novelty prints and the big whopping cabbage roses.

This quilter did her best to corral the chaos. Note that the blocks are sashed, and there is a little green daisy cornerstone at each intersection. It's machine pieced and machine quilted in diagonal lines. It measures 68" x 75". Check out the checkered bias binding, it is very neatly applied. The fabrics vary. Some are dress weight but others are heavier barkcloth.

 One nice thing about acquiring a quilt with a little wear is you can find clues to what the batting inside is like. Look at this detail, note the little pink strip left of the center square. It reveals the lightweight woven blanket inside.

Look for the other side of this quilt in my next blog.


  1. Great colors and some very interesting prints. Very nice binding, too. Can't wait to see the other side!

  2. I love the wonky log cabins. Remind me of Dr.Seuss. :)