Friday, January 8, 2010

A favorite

I started to call this quilt my favorite. However, that is like saying one of your children is the favorite, it's just not possible. But it is certainly A favorite of mine.

I found it in an antique shop in Ottawa, Kansas about 2 years ago. As usual, I knew I had plenty of quilts but this one was so unique.

It measures 60" x 86". BBrackman was eyeing it the other day and surprised me by saying she thought it was old, like 1910s. She thought many of the fabric dyes had faded with time. It is hand pieced.

Someone had it machine quilted with a silly tulip pattern much more recently. The binding and backing fabrics are very different than the top.

It's pieced in blocks. I never get tired of looking at it. There are some very tiny pieces and a great variety of shapes.

It inspires me to piece randomly.


  1. Wow, Deb, Pretty!
    I agree, forget perfect little blocks. Piece Randomly is a cool idea!

  2. wonderful quilt, I love it. just wish it had been quilted with big old fans... by hand

  3. I really like this one! (I agree with Tonya about the quilting, though.) Never-ending variety. So many solids and fabrics with small, subtle patterns. I love the colors now, but I wonder how it looked when they were less faded.