Thursday, January 7, 2010

"My Life is Hard Enough"

Cabin fever persists here in the nation's mid-section.
It started snowing Christmas Eve and we had more this week. Now it is bitterly cold.

People are talking about GETTING OUT, as in getting out of the house, with great longing. There is considerable whining.
People are not getting out of their pajamas unless they have to go out and shovel. Poor me, I walked into the kitchen one morning dressed like this. My normally long-suffering husband declared, "My life is hard enough
without looking at that" and suggested I rebutton......We are a bit like Felix and Oscar.

Look at these lacy ribbons of ice that are near my front door. Normally something like this is fleeting here but they've decorated the house for weeks now.......


  1. Its good to know I'm not the only one dressing like that, I probably have a few additional layers on just to stay warm and I have no desire to get out!!

  2. I had on a gazillion layers yesterday, I was a little surprised when I peeled them off at bedtime.
    Starting Sunday, it will be better. that is my mantra today.......
    stay warm!